Rockswell is the visual playground of New York based artist Aaron von Freter

Born and raised Columbus Ohio, Aaron learned to draw at a young age. In the early 90s, he worked in various t-shirt shops at the mall and spent countless hours in the thrift stores and flea markets hunting for that perfectly worn vintage t-shirt, along with other vintage ephemera. He moved to Europe in 2000 to pursue a career in vintage fashion, and in 2014, was recruited back to New York City to become a leading graphic designer for an iconic American fashion company.

After years of dedication in honing his design skill, in combination with his intuitive knowledge of the music industry, Aaron created Rockswell, a design firm that would encompass the aesthetic of classic vintage Rock & Roll with a modern twist. 

Aaron's designs have been known to present the viewer with a feeling of nostalgia and a wistful familiarity to a bygone era. His artwork creates a visual portal into what the listener can expect to hear from the band.

Today, you can find some of Rockswell's original designs representing famed artists such as Guns N Roses, Marylin Manson, Chris Stapleton, A Perfect Circle, G-Eazy and several others.